Airsoft Party Sessions

RW are now offering bespoke Airsoft Party sessions

Airsoft is a popular sport which, until now, has been mainly resigned to the regular club type experience. By popular demand, we now offer Airsoft Party sessions or bespoke group bookings at some sites. This means you can get a group of friends together and experience an amazing Airsoft session at one of our outdoor locations.

Airsoft is great without any of the mess that’s associated with paintball. This makes it the perfect game for birthdays, stag parties, hen parties or group celebrations.

It’s the true gentleman’s game. With no paint marks to wipe off, Airsoft relies on the honesty of it’s players to create that excitement and buzz. Lots of military type scenarios are possible alongside the flag capture or hostage style games you often see associated with paintball.

Suitable for all ages from 12 years old. It’s perfect for celebrating any occasion and allows you to experience the feeling before becoming a regular at one of our monthly walk on days. 

This is a session for rental players in groups of 10+ with all required equipment included.

What is Airsoft?

Airsoft is a shooting game with the players using electronically powered, automatic, military simulation, weapons. Players shoot small, light weight, plastic, ball bearings at each other with a high level of accuracy.

It feels much closer to a ‘real scenario’ than paintball and takes a more thoughtful and tactical approach. Once played, players rarely turn back and regularly turn into big fans of the sport. 

It’s super fast and lots of fun. Worth noting that, despite the name, there is nothing soft about this game. It’s a high powered contact game and can hurt as much as paintball. It’s sure to get the adrenaline pumping. 

Airsoft Party Prices

£385 gets you a 1.5-2* hour session for up to 10 players. Any additional players cost just £38.50 each. All the required equipment is included meaning a high powered electronic Airsoft gun, and your first 500 bb’s included. You’ll wear your own clothes for the session.

You will likely want some extra BB’s and these will be available to buy on the day. Usually at £10-£15/1000 (price subject to stock).

This is suitable for teenage birthday parties (12-18 yrs) or Adult groups. We do not mix the two so parents cannot play with kids parties, nor kids with adults sessions. All groups play in their own exclusive group. 

If you need more details or want to check availability you can get in touch on 0333 577 6336 or drop us a line at

For players with their own kit they’ll be interested in our monthly Airsoft Walk on sessions in Hertfordshire or Kent.

*Location and eating on site dependent


To book an Airsoft session for a teenagers party or adults session (E.G Stag Do) select the location below. Please ensure you chose AIRSOFT from the dropdown as the booking pages are also used for smaller childrens games. Avail is live up to last working day and we’ll always try and deliver on your preferred date where possible. 

Female Airsoft in Herts
Warren Wood Airsoft
Hertfordshire Airsoft