At what age can Children play Paintball?

As part of our FAQ’s we answer your questions around ages that children can play paintball.

At What age can children play paintball?

As part of our F&Q series we answer your questions around the ages at which children can play paintball.

Kids Low Impact Paintball

This is the youngest age children can play paintball! This game is specifically designed for 8-11 year olds. The Childrens paintball game makes them feel like they are playing adult paintball but in a slower more controlled manner. The paintball guns are lightweight and pump action. The paintballs a different size and more fragile. This makes our childrens paintball game much safer and almost pain free. Perfect for kids paintball parties for 8-11 year olds.

Watch out– some sites play younger children with the adults weapons claiming to turn the power down. This has limited affect and they could be in a field with semi automatic weapons firing at over 200mph! We do not transition them into this game until school year 7.

Can my 6 year old play kids paintball?

In short no. Kids paintball is designed for 8-11 year olds. We can allow older 7 years olds to play, for an 8th birthday party, but at 6 years old they’re too young. Would you really want to give your 6 year old a real weapon and rely on them to keep their safety goggles on? We’ve found that they really need to be 8 years old (or there abouts) to understand and abide by the safety.

Are there other options for paintball for smaller children?

Actually- Yes. As of 2022 we’ve introduce the amazing ‘Orb paintball’ game called Gel Blaster. Specifically for 7-9 year olds it’s a great option and you can find more information by clicking here.

Where do I find more information on kids paintball parties for 8-11 year olds?

Click here for all the information you need on kids paintball parties. 

At what age do kids play Adult paintball? School year 7!

Children play adult paintball once they reach school year 7 and 11 years old. We know some sites still play them in the childrens low impact paintball at this age but we really think they are ready for the teenagers and adults paintball game. The kids game is designed for smaller children and the jump from school year 6 to 7 seems to be the magic point. Smaller kids love low impact paintball but the older children will get bored quickly. To ensure your children play the correct game, and you get the best value for money, we transition all players into the teenagers and adults paintball game as soon as they reach school year 7.

Where do I find information on teenagers and adults paintball?

If you are parent looking for reassurance that they are playing the right game visit our teenagers paintball page here.

If you are ready to jump straight to prices and booking information. Visit our Teenagers and adults paintball page here.

Can parents play paintball with children?

Not really, well not until they reach school year 7 and are in the teenagers and adults game. Low impact is really designed for smaller children. Over the years, we have discovered that parents and older siblings can actually have a detrimental affect on the fun the smaller children have. Let them play on their own!

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