Teenagers paintball Games

You’re ready to play with the big boys & girls!

Teenagers Paintball Games

From school year 7 you’re ready for the Adult & Teenagers game!

Paintball for teenagers

This page has be written as an information page for parents. If you’re a teenager looking to book paintball, I’d head straight over to our Adult paintball page here. For parents…..please read on.

We’re often asked about paintball for teenagers and teenagers paintball parties. For parents, it can be difficult to see where they fit between our kids and adult games. For younger children, we offer low impact paintball. However, on most sites this stops once the children reach school year 7. At this point they join the adult paintball game!

From secondary school age, everyone starts to play adult paintball. This actually starts at 11 years old, before they even reach their teenage years. There are one or two exceptions to this, where we can offer a lower impact game up to 15 yrs, but not many sites have this option.

Despite being an amazing game for younger children, low impact paintball feels a little slow for kids of 11 and above. They’re looking for something faster paced. Something that holds that element of danger for them.

How do we keep teenagers safe when playing paintball?

When looking for paintball for their teenagers, parents often worry about them being mixed with adults. To ensure they have nothing to worry about, every game is marshalled for safety and fairness. And, in truth, we find adult paintballers generally look out for younger players. We mix groups to ensure even firepower and age splits across the teams. This tends to encourage communication and when everyone has their kit on you cannot tell the difference between the adults and teenagers.

Adult or child, the guns have the same power and they use the same paintballs so the physical difference in size doesnt matter. We’re strict on safety and will jump on any issues quickly, whilst being flexible enough to let the games flow and keep it all fun.

Teenage paintball parties

We don’t offer a teenage paintball party as such but we can help you plan a group and timings. They usually play a 3 hour session and we’d recommend our 500 paint pack. 500 paintballs is the perfect amount for 3 hours paintballing so keeps the overall costs down. They should not need to buy anymore. If the kids do go over they can buy additional paint themselves on the day.

It’s likely we’ll mix the group with others so they’ll gain the benefit of playing against, and with, some of their friends. They’ll also have a whole host of backup and additional targets from the other groups they play with.

More information on Paintball for teenagers.

If you want more information on which of our sites offers the discounted teenagers paintball party package please contact us by email or phone: 0333 577 6336