Make A Deposit Payment!

On this page you can pay deposits securely for a new booking. Please do not make any other payments here, such as outstanding balances or on site game payments, unless directed to by our team. Please note payments are non returnable and minimum fees may apply if fewer players attend than booked. In the event of a Govt lockdown deposits will be held over for up to 1 year to ensure our customers do not lose out and can rebook a new date.

How Much you’ll Pay now

Deposits are: Kids games £7.50 per player (min £75)

Teens & Adults Paintball: £7.50 per player on all packages except Pay and Play which is £10pp

AAA £10pp for all activities or £7.50 for a single activity.

Remaining balance will be due on the day for all booked players.   


Pay A Deposit For A New Booking Here!

Here you can enter the details and pay a deposit for a new booking here. Please note this form doesn’t have live availability but can be used if you’ve already spoken to us regarding your booking or are booking an activity without live availability on our website. We’ll confirm the booking within 24hrs.