To minimise ‘on site contact’ players are now requested to complete their release forms online on this page. Please ensure every player completes a form no later than 48hrs before your game date. It takes just a few minutes and is quicker than paper forms on site.

Upon completion, you will receive an email copy which you need to print and bring to site. We will need to see the player details section clearly completed.

Each and every player must have read this page and completed the bottom section accurately before they are permitted to play.

If you do not receive your email: Please do not submit the form again. It’s likely it has been blocked by your email server. Firstly check your spam/trash folder. If it’s not there, and you have more than 48hrs to your game, drop us a line at with the players name and your email as submitted on the form. We can then forward you a copy to print. If its less than 24 hrs to you game date you can download a paper copy here to manually complete or complete a paper copy on site. 

Site Rules & Age Restrictions


If participant is aged under 18 years I confirm this form was completed by a responsible adult, parent, or guardian with the authority to grant permission for the named child to play. I have included my own name and the child’s details as requested in the form. I am happy for my child to have first aid administered if the need should arise and will make staff aware of any allergies or other things they should be aware of when my child arrives on site. One form per child must be completed.

Children must be instructed to conform to all safety instructions from marshals and our staff, by their parents/guardians, before arriving on site. Failure to comply may result in them being excluded from games without reduction in fees or refund.

Age Limits

I confirm that the player is between 7.5 & 11 years of age (for low impact) or 11 years (and school year 7) or older for regular paintball/Airsoft or throwing activities and, In consideration of the above, permission for the named child, to engage in paintball and adventure activities, has been granted.

Any exception to age restrictions will be rarely available and must be agreed in writing at booking stage.


Please read and abide by the rules set out below which are applicable to Paintball, Low impact Paintball, Airsoft games and throwing activities:

1 Ensure you listen and take note of the safety brief given.

2 Always follow the instructions of the marshals and abide by their decisions.

3 Never fire anything from your marker other than the correctly provided ammunition. Only paint purchased on site can be used. Never throw axes or fire arrows in a manner other than instructed.

4 Your goggles/safety equipment must be worn at all times outside the safety area.

5 Paintball markers are NOT allowed into the safety area. Walkon & Airsoft game players are permitted to bring their markers into the safe area once they have been made safe and fitted with a barrel sock.

6 No physical contact is permitted.

7 Do NOT shoot your marker at anyone not involved in the games.

8 Do NOT shoot players closer than 20ft (6 metres).

9 Do NOT deliberately aim your marker at the head, neck, face or vehicles.

10 Do NOT drink alcohol or take illegal drugs before arriving or whilst on site including the car park.

11 No knives or weapons of any kind are allowed on site. Also no pyrotechnical devises are permitted other than those supplied by our companies, on site, on your day of play.

12 Be aware of your surroundings, it is a natural woodland, there will be natural hazards present such as fallen trees, rabbit warrens, natural drainage streams and ditches. Also there may be aggregate added to the soil to help with drainage, some of this material will have sharp edges so please do not dive into the ground.

13 Some locations offer additional activities such as Axe throwing, Archery, and similar. If taking part in these activities I will listen to the safety briefing, take note, and abide by all rules communicated to me.

14 I will abide by any additional rules as given to me on site by a member of staff.

15 Since COVID-19 we may have to implement social distancing and limited player numbers on site. All players and site visitors agree to comply with this and wear protective clothing as necessary.

Release Form v202006

Please read clearly & complete the form below. You will receive an email copy to print and bring with you on the day. Forms should be completed no later than 48 hours prior to your day of play!

RW Paintball Insurance Release/Waiver Forms- This online form is a legal document and required by all players to comply with our insurers terms.

If you have booked Paintball/Low Impact Paintball/Airsoft or any throwing activity for RW Paintball, Mayhem Southeast, Unreal Paintball or Splatoon Paintball you can complete your online release forms here. 

It is a requirement that all players complete this form before playing and agree to the T&C’s/Rules by submitting their form. For players under 18 years of age the form must be completed by/in the presence of a responsible adult.

Please read and confirm you understand:

1. The game/activity is physically intense and may require exertion to pursue.

2. The game/activity can be dangerous if not pursued in accordance with the rules/safety instructions, which will be explained to me during the safety briefing before the start of the activities and are available to read on this web page. I agree to abide by them.

3. The possibility of injury to myself or others exists and I waive all claims against RW Paintball, its employees, & associated companies under any circumstances.

4. RW Paintball and/or our associated company representatives reserve the right to remove anyone at any time whose actions are, or could be considered, dangerous to the other participants, staff, or general public.

I confirm and agree that:

1. I wish to take part in the activity and also agree that I do so entirely at my own risk.

2. I am fully aware of the risks to myself and others taking part in the activity.

3. I am physically fit and mentally able to take the strain and exertion involved in pursuing the activity.

4. I will comply with the site rules and use the equipment as instructed and not so as to injure or hurt others. I will obey all directions of the staff, marshals, and judges.

5. I will wear goggles/safety equipment as instructed and not remove them at any time where the game is being played or while moving between game zones and the safe area. I also agree only to remove goggles/safety equipment in the designated safe areas or as instructed by my marshal.

6. All balances are due on or before the day of play. I understand that I shall be liable for any outstanding balances, for my participation, not paid by the group organiser and I will clear these balances in full before leaving the site. In the event that I am unable to do so, balances not cleared within 7 days may result in additional fees for collection and/or be passed to a collections agency.

By submitting this form you are digitally signing and agreeing: I hereby release and remise and forever discharge from any claims and liabilities whatsoever without limitations that I might have against RW Paintball, RWPC Associates Ltd, Mayhem Southeast, Unreal Paintball, Splatoon Paintball and their associated companies, and the owners of the property on which the activity is taking place, and any other participants in the activity who might injure me, however arising, and I make this release on behalf of myself, my heirs, executors, assigns and administrators. I confirm and agree that RW Paintball & it’s associated companies retain ownership of all imagery recorded on &/or of our site and that said imagery may be used for promotional purposes by RW Paintball, Mayhem Southeast, Splatoon Paintball & associated companies.

Note: Associated companies/delivery partners are Mayhem Southeast Paintball, Unreal Paintball, Splatoon Paintball & R W Paintball Ltd

Not received your email confirmation?

On the rare occasion that you have submitted your form and do not receive your email confirmation, this is often due to your email client refusing delivery. Please do not submit the form again. Firstly check your spam/trash folder. If it’s not there, and you have more than 48hrs to your game, drop us a line at with the players name and your email as submitted on the form. We can then forward you a copy to print. If its less than 24 hrs to you game date you can download a paper copy here to manually complete or complete a paper copy on site.