Teenagers paintball Options

High Impact, Teenage Rampage or Airsoft!

Teenage Paintball at NSV

From school year 7 you’re ready for the Adult & Teenagers game!

Teenage Paintball Options at Newgate Street Village

Newgate Street Village is our Hertfordshire & North London location in Broxbourne Woods. It’s perfectly located when you are looking for teenage paintball options with easy travel from the A1, A10 or M25 around Hertfordshire or North London.

All games currently take place at the Newgate Street end of the woods, with Pembridge Lane, Broxbourne no longer open. It sits nicely in a pocket of country around 10 mins drive from Enfield & Potters Bar/Barnet, at the bottom edge, and Hatfield & Hertford at the top.

We have a number of Teenage Paintball Options at this location.


1) Teens and Adults Paintball

This is by far the most popular option as they get to play in a large group with other players.

For all players over 12 years old (11+ and in school year 7) they play the teens & adults paintball game. If they do a half day session (10.45am-2.30pm) this will help keep the cost down and the average number of paintballs shot is around 600. We offer a range of packages but I’d probably go for our 500 paint/ £43.50pp package as it works out the best value for most players. You can see the others here: https://rwpaintball.co.uk/paintball-prices-and-booking/ .

All groups get split in half to make up the teams in the same game. This evens out the teams and gives them a chance to play with people they know and also shoot against people they know.

All packages include full site entry and all your essential kit. Just wear old clothes, suitable footwear and bring gloves.

Sessions are subject to availability with the Half Day being 10.45am-2.30pm and the Full Day finishing at 4pm.


2) Teenage Rampage. 

Similar set up to ‘Teens and Adults’ paintball above except this game is limited to 12-16 year olds, played over a 1.5hr period usually starting at 10am. There is some occasional avail at 1.30pm. This is played in a mixed group of up to 30 players. You may be the only group playing but this is not guaranteed.

This is a gas powered paintball game but using lower impact equipment. The guns fire at a lesser power and utilise the more brittle 0.5cal paintballs. This significantly reduces pain and bruising on contact.  Cost is £38.50 per player. They are unlikely to but may need a little more ammo on the day. When they finish they can stay and eat on site for 30 mins if you’d like to feed them.  It has a min booking fee of 10 players due to the way we deliver the groups. You can now check avail and book on our external booking page here: https://rwpaintball.as.me/KIDSorTEENSsatNSV make sure you select the game to ‘Teen Ramp’.

3) Airsoft Party.

Set out more in the party format they play in their own exclusive group. This activity uses small plastic type bb’s, rather than paintballs, so we call it the gentleman’s sport- you have to be honest when shot. The weapons are much more lifelike, being battery powered automatic weapons similar design to military issues. Aimed at 12-18 year olds, it’s super fast paced and they love it. You can see more details, check avail and book here: https://rwpaintball.co./uk/airsoft-party/

Cost is £385 for up to 10 players with any extras at £38.50 each. Please note they will need more Ammo so likely end up around £48.50 pp.

Airsoft parties & Teenage Rampage have limited availability and are played in shorter sessions of 2hrs (including 30 mins to eat on site if you chose to).


After the games.

If you are looking for teenage paintball options or possibly an airsoft party session, we have you covered.

You can also stay on site for 30 minutes afterwards to eat and make more of a party of the session.

Eating on site is in an outdoor area- think pub style benches in the woods. For morning sessions we recommend bringing your own food or going out to collect. For afternoon sessions or Teens & Adults paintball we have a pizza company, you can call, who will deliver. Details will be supplied in your booking confirmation.

Arrival is always 15-20 mins before your session.