What should I wear to play paintball? What should my kids wear to a paintball party?

As part of our FAQ’s we answer your questions around what to wear to play paintball.

What should I wear to play paintball?

As part of our F&Q series we answer your questions around what you should wear to play paintball.

The simple answer on what you should wear to play paintball is ‘old clothes’ and ‘sensible footwear’. Think about running around the woods for a day and what you might wear. Old clothes are a good idea as you are likely to get mud or paint on them. Do not wear expensive designer gear.

What do we mean by sensible footwear? You should make a decision on the day in question based on the weather. Most of our paintball sites are woodland or field based. In the summer, or crisp dry days, you will probably get away with old trainers. If its been raining recently, or on the day you play, you’d be much better off in lace up boots or even football boots.

Can I wear wellies to play paintball?

We’d suggest you don’t. Wellies can get caught in the mud and come off during game play which can be dangerous.

Can I wear sliders or sandals?

Again, we would strongly suggest you do not on safety grounds.

Should I wear gloves?

Yes, of course you should wear gloves to play paintball unless you really enjoy bruises on your hands. This is less important for the kids low impact game but we’d still recommend gloves. Subject to availability we sell gloves on site. These are armoured gloves and typically cost between £12-£15. For a one off game this can be expensive so we suggest you bring your own gloves. Any gloves will do, but not too thick. You need to be able to use the trigger.

You can play without gloves if you chose to! For low impact most of the kids play without gloves in the summer. For teenagers and adults we still suggest you wear gloves, even in the summer months, but you do not have to.

Will paintballs wash out of my clothes?

They should do if washed on the same day. We wear our marshal jumpers time and time again and paint almost always washes out. However, we cannot guarantee this so we strongly suggest you wear old clothes that you are happy to ruin in the worst case.

Should I wear multiple layers to play paintball?

We’d say no to this. OK, so we know it can hurt but that is part of the game. If you wear too many layers you will get very hot and paintballs will bounce off. If they bounce off without bursting it ruins the fun of the game. You also need a little pain to get the adrenaline pumping. The kids low impact game is much less painful than the teens/adults game so do not overdress the kids.

Can I wear shorts for paintball?

Feel free but please bear in mind that you are more likely to bruise. For kids low impact, on hot days, shorts and T-shirts are fine but the same applies. We see very little pain or bruising for low impact but it is more likely in shorts. 

Are there changing rooms at the paintball site?

I’m afraid not so we suggest you bring something to sit on in the car for muddy and wet days. An old towel is always a safe bet to keep the car clean.

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