Book a your session

Low Impact Paintball , Gel Blaster, Airsoft or Teenage Rampage

Here you can check availability and book at our North London / Hertfordshire location (Newgate Street & Broxbourne)

Morning Session: Low Impact (8-11yrs) & Airsoft/Teen Ramp (12-18’s or Adults) starts at 10am and Gel Blaster (7-9yrs) starting at 10.30am

Afternoon Session: Low Impact & Airsoft/Teen Ramp starts at 1.30pm and Gel Blaster at 2pm

You’ll pay initial deposits upon booking with balance due closer to your game date.

Please book accurate numbers. Once deposits are paid they are non returnable and balance for all booked players will be due in line with our T&C’s

An immediate confirmation will be sent with a more detailed booking email sent within 24 hrs (Mon if weekend)

Dates with no availability are no selectable.

We have min numbers for midweek games so please call for midweek avail.

Please refresh page before booking if you have checked avail on both forms otherwise you may get an error. 

Just checking availability?: No need to input your details. Clickable dates in ‘date of play’ shows availability.