Local charity and donations

Helping local people help others

At RW Paintball we get many requests for charity donation. These come by way of voucher requests, donation for raffles and sponsorship for local clubs. As a small company it’s just not possible to support them all and we are often disappointed by this. Especially when the cause is one we believe in.

We tried nominating an annual charity but this left many other great causes that we couldn’t help across the year. So, with this in mind, we decided to approach charity and community support differently.

It doesn’t take a genius to work out that if we have more business we can offer more to local causes. So we looked for a way that we could work together to increase bookings whilst giving a share directly back to the community. We do this by creating a bespoke game and/or day and donating a share of the profits to your cause.

How our charity/local cause days works

We work with you to select a date, location and price package. We’ll create a bespoke landing page on our website and supply you the link. With our help, you can build out an event on social media and invite all your members and friends. Together we’ll encourage them to book onto your game/day and we’ll donate a share of the profit directly to your charity or cause. This is typically 10-15% of the package value!

You can choose to opt for one of our usual packages from the 500 paint package upwards. However, if you feel your supporters would pay more, you can add a donation amount on top. This way you’ll get the share we give you and the donation directly for your cause.

Who we work with?

Any registered charity, sports teams, schools, colleges and good causes. We’ll also support individuals raising money through recognised means. You’ll need to prove your cause is legitimate and we won’t pay money to personal bank accounts.

You could be raising funds for a new community centre, football team, registered charity or local hospital. Whatever your cause, we’d like to hear from you and see if we can help.

Are there costs involved?

We don’t charge you anything for these events but we may need to deduct the nominal processing charges for credit card/paypal transactions before calculating your return. And, unless you chose to add an increase to our usual prices, your event attendees pay the same as they would on a normal game day.

For people who land on your page but just want to donate, we will include a link directly to your fundraising page to avoid the need to deduct processing costs from their donations.

Getting started

Simply give us a call on 0333 577 6336 or email us hello@rwpaintball.co.uk and we can talk you through the process. We’ll discuss options and dates for your event and help you get the ball rolling.

These days are only available at selected sites and date restrictions may apply. Minimum numbers may be required to ensure we can run your day.

So what are you waiting for. Get in touch here.

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