Paintball Chelmsford

Paintball Chelmsford: We offer Adult paintball, Childrens Paintball and Laser tag all within easy travel of Chelmsford and Braintree.

If you are looking for site to play paintball near Chelmsford then look no further. We have three paintball sites covering the Essex area. Each around 30-40 minutes from Chelmsford offering easy access by road.

Our Newgate Street and Broxbourne sites are just on the Herts side of the Essex border. Whilst Basildon is at Wickford. All easy to reach with great transport links.

We offer adult paintball & childrens low impact paintball. All ages are welcome from 8 years.

Adults paintball is available for all players aged 11yrs and over . More details on our paintball and pricing can be found by clicking here.  

Kids paintball in BasildonKids Paintball is specifically for 8-11 yrs olds. It allows kids all the excitement of paintball but in a more controlled, low impact, environment. Minimum number of 10 players are usually needed to guarantee your date.  You can find more information on childrens low impact paintball by clicking here. 

Laser Tag is available at both sites for groups of 10 players or more. This game is ideal for younger players (8yrs+) and corporate team building days.

You can click here for more info on Laser Tag Games which is available at select locations.

Set on the Herts / Essex Border, we have two sites with over 60 acres of woodland and multyiple paintball playing zones. These locations are easy to access via the A10 and M25.

Our Basildon site is at Wickford.  and easily accessible via the A127 & A130. It’s easy to find and open 7 days a week. You can find more information on Basildon Paintball by clicking here. 

Want more information or ready to come join us. Get in touch via our contact us page or you can book online by clicking here.

Your local site for Paintball in Chelmsford and Braintree!