Update 14th Sept 2020 – Activities are running.

Following the recent UK Govt update we are confident that paintball games can continue to run. You can find details on the UK Govt website here where they specifically mention paintball activities under section 3.16. 

With all our venues being Covid secure, we anticipate games will continue as booked but strict social distancing, in group of 6, will be applied in the non play areas. There are also some exemptions for childrens parties (low impact) which is great and means they can all play together larger groups.  

Groups larger than 6: If your booking is larger than 6 players, don’t worry everyone will be able to play. Please organise your groups of 6, inline with current advice, before arrival and ensure they do not mix to become a larger group whilst on site. Our venues are large with lots of open space so this shouldn’t present an issue. If you are already in a school, support bubble, or similar you should declare this on site and we may ask you to complete a form &/or sign to confirm this. 

Since re-opening all our groups have been great at social distancing on site and we ask them to continue to do so in line with the advice set out.

Corona- COVID-19

We are now open again with social distancing in place. At some sites this may mean limited packages / player numbers are available and time slots may vary. 

New Rules!

Social distancing and the safety of our customers and staff is paramount. We have conducted a full risk assessment, and will be doing this ongoing, inline with guidelines from our governing body UKPSF.

While required social distancing and limited player numbers will be in place. This may mean availability will be limited and maximum and minimum group/booking sizes may need to be implemented. This could vary by site so we will need to talk you through at booking stage.

Session times may be different to those published on our website but will be clearly communicated with you. When games are finished you may need to leave the site quickly to give us time for a kit rotation before new groups arrive. This means party bookings may not be able to have food on site except where the catering is handled by our teams and confirmed at booking stage.

We suggest players bring their own PPE by way of gloves and face covering to wear whilst in the safezone. You should also bring hand sanitiser as many of our sites are woodland with limited access to water.

Release forms can now be completed through our website here to minimise contract. Simply bring a printout to site and place in the box as instructed.

We will be monitoring govt advice ongoing and may have to adapt quickly- your cooperation is essential to ensure we can continue to provide services to you.

We are a group of family run companies who work together to ensure the best for our customers. As we get back to normal you may be contacted by RW Paintball, Mayhem Southeast, Unreal Paintball or Splatoon Paintball. We will be working hard to get all groups booked back in, at a time that suits, asap.

Additional Covid-19 procedures on site. This may vary slightly site to site. 


Drop off players in front of the safe area then, if you are playing yourself, park in the bays indicated by a marshal as you entered the car park area. This will allow players remaining on site to be parked with the correct spacing.

Park in the bay allocated to you if your vehicle is remaining for the session. If you wish to, you may use your car as your own space between games.

Note that attendees contact details will be notified to health authorities should this be requested to trace players due to Covid-19.

Disposable pens and paper forms are freely available for players who have not completed and printed their online forms.

Use hand sanitiser on arrival. Stations will be available.

Arrive in good time for your session. The organiser should go directly to the reception area maintaining a safe distance between others waiting.

Once you have completed registration, coveralls and battle packs will be allocated. We cannot hold up the session for late arrivals so please ensure you arrive on time.

Bring a plastic bag to keep your mask in when you return to the safe area between games.

Wash your hands for 20 seconds after using the toilets and use hand sanitiser. There are male and

female toilets. Only one person may enter the toilet at any one time.



You will be given a number that will correspond to your gun and mask. Only use this equipment

throughout the session.

If there is a problem you will be given an unused replacement with the same numbered hopper containing your paintballs.

Stay with your own group in your allocated area remaining at a safe distance between other groups.

You will be shown how to wear the mask and be asked to demonstrate that it is secure. Staff are not

permitted to adjust the mask for you. For younger players we will ask the responsible adult with the

group to assist with the adjustment of the straps. We will watch, advise, and ask for a

demonstration that the mask is secure.

Between games place your mask in your bag. If the day is wet or humid, we may request that

your mask remains in the open to allow for moisture to evaporate.

You can be assured that.

The mask you will be allocated will have been cleaned and quarantined for a minimum of 4 days.

Garments such as coveralls will have been professionally washed between use and quarantined for

four days.

Markers (guns) are clearly numbered and so that you only use your marker. The markers used in the

morning will be isolated from the ones used in the following session. They will then be disinfected

and quarantined for four days.

Battle packs will not have been used for 4 days and pods disinfected with anti-viral cleaner prior to

your arrival.

We will ask you:

To be socially distanced and keep an additional safe distance between guests not in your group remaining well-spaced when you listen to the game briefing.

During respawn games, and at the end of any game, to wipe any paintball marks from your own clothing or ask someone in your own bubble to wipe you down.

Respect the safety of other players and our staff. I am sure you understand that at RW Paintball and any of our delivery partners sites, anyone deemed to be endangering other players, guests, or staff, will have to leave the site immediately.



Finally, we’d like to say a big thank you to our loyal customers who have been truly amazing and understanding over the past few months. We had to postpone bookings with little notice and without a confirmed play date. Your understanding has helped ensure that we are here to deliver activities for everyone into the future. Some more patience will be needed as we get you all booked back in and deliver the games under a new set of rules for which we thank you again!

Due to the fast moving situation the above information may not be complete or comprehensive. Please bear with us during this difficult time.