Harlow Paintball?

Our site is just 20 minutes away close to Broxbourne and Cheshunt.

Harlow Paintball RW PaintballIf you’re looking for paintball near Harlow we have you covered. RW Paintball has an amazing paintball site just 20 mins away at Cheshunt. We offer adult paintball games, Teenagers paintball, and Kids paintball parties for 8-11 year olds. We even offer Axe Throwing and Archery!

For Harlow paintball, this site is set across 60 acres of woodland and the play zones were originaly designed by pro players.

With loads of live playing zones there are plenty of game scenarios to keep you busy. Each field been designed to play a range of high adrenaline games and get your blood pumping.

Southend PaintballPaintball Game Scenarios

We have flag capture, hostage and attack/defend games waiting for you. Bring your friends, family or colleagues and we’l send you home having had an amazing time. The entire site is woodland based, with wooded structures added to create a modern warfare feel.  We have bridges, village huts and attack forts!

Both the adult and childrens games are played in the same zones. All of which have been purpose built with paintball games in mind.

Kids Paintball in Harlow

Kids paintball HarlowRW Paintball offer kids paintball parties for 8-11 year olds. Childrens low impact paintball, also known as mini paintball or young guns, arrived in the UK several years ago.  Since then, we’ve seen its popularity increase year on year. Especially for birthday parties!

The game is designed for younger players 8-11 years old. It helps give them an insight into the adult game with a more controlled and safe environment. They play in the same zones and with the same scenarios while our special pump action weapons slow the pace to keep them safe. You can find more details on childrens paintball by clicking here.

It can be quite daunting sending your younger children out to play so we’re happy to talk you through ever aspect as needed- just give us a call.

Adult & Teenagers paintball near Harlow

Paintballing is available to all our customers aged 12 years and over. Prices begin at £10 but most players find our packages are the best value way to play. Our prices work out much cheaper than the big booking agencies.

For more details in paintball pricing click here.