Kids Gel Blaster Paintball for 7-9 year olds

The New Pain free Paintball party for kids

Kids Gel Blaster Paintball for 7-9 year olds

Kids Gel Blaster Paintball for 7-9 year olds has arrived at select sites. RW Paintball now offers the latest craze of Gel paintball for kids from 6 year olds. Using the latest fully automatic, battery powered, gel paintball guns. They are super light weight and can be used one handed. Firing specially designed water/gel ammunition over incredible distances without pain or bruising.

This Gel paintball for kids is super fast, high adrenaline, and last a full hour with totally unlimited ammunition. Over the time they will shoot, 100,000’s, in not millions, of tiny kids gel blaster paintballs at each other.

All ammunition is include in the Gel Blaster Game and with fully automatic battery powered guns they will use loads!

The session last a ‘full on’ hour, broken down into bite size games organised and monitored by our staff.

** Please note this is so new that some of the pictures on this page may be kids low impact paintball **

Gel Blaster Paintball Guns

The Kids Gel Blaster Paintball guns are great for all ages but have been designed with smaller children in mind. Fully automatic, light weight, and continuous firing they are easy for small hands to use. Your children can spend less time worrying about how to use equipment and more time having fun.

All you need to bring is gloves, if the want to wear them, and food. Everything else is provided.

This game is the closest you can get to a pain free paintball game. Shoot me from 2ft away and I won’t bruise.

These amazing guns and some of the images are supplied by our friends at BZ Paintball.

Kids Gel Blaster Paintball costs 

Kids Gel Blaster Paintball is only available at select sites and is just £275.00 for 10 players. This is a full on 1 hour session, after which an additional 30 mins is allowed to eat on site.

Additional players are just £27.50 each. You pay a deposit of £7.50 per player and the remaining balance before you game kicks off. This is inclusive of staff, equipment, and all the paintballs the will need. No need to buy additional paintballs like you would with the adult game!

Timings/package may vary slightly based on site. 

Create your kids paintball party invitation

Did you know you can create your paintball party invitation directly from our website. 

Simply click here and you will be taken to the page on our website where you can create, save and then print or email your invitation. 

Kids Gel Blaster Paintball for 6-8 year olds – key information

Gel Blaster Paintball is a great way for the smallest kids to have all the fun associated with normal paintball, but in a much safer, pain free way.

Available from 7 years olds. Max recommended age is 9 years. (Older 6’s permitted for 7th birthday).

Special Gel Paintballs and handheld automatic Gel Blasters.

All Gel Paintballs, staff, and equipment included.

A ‘full on’ 1  hour session broken into individual games + 30 mins for food*.

All for just £27.50/£32.50 per player site/package dependant.

Deposits of £7.50pp upon booking, (Min charge 10 players).

*1 session time with 30 mins for food on top at most sites. Please contact us for timings as this can vary. Most sites offer a mid morning and early afternoon slot. Late afternoon slots may be available during summer months but may carry a premium.

Full safety equipment supplied just bring your own gloves.

Min 10 player charge for bookings.

Offered at BroxbourneCheshunt, Crew, Hatfield, North London & Stoke.

Please remember to bring your own gloves if the kids want to wear them.

Please note: we cannot be held responsible for items left on site so please ensure the children in your group secure their belongings and do not leave anything on site when they leave.

Please contact us to book Gel Blaster Paintball on 0333-577-6336