Should I chose Laser Tag or paintball for my childs birthday party?

As part of our FAQ’s we answer your questions around Laser tag and paintball birthdfay parties for children. 

Should I chose Laser Tag or Paintball for my kids party?

As part of our F&Q series we answer your questions around Laser tag or paintball for a kids party.

Several years ago, RW Paintball were one of the first to introduce the childrens low impact paintball game to the UK. Since then we’ve never looked back.

Initially we ran both Laser tag and Low Impact Paintball side by side but over the years we have begun to focus very much on the low impact paintball game.

Why have we done this? In truth, it has been led by customer demand and feedback. The low impact game is cheaper than woodland laser tag and the equipment is more reliable and easier for children to carry. But, mostly because the kids love this game and seem to enjoy it far more than Laser tag.

There are real paintballs flying around, this creates that excitement that you only get with an outdoor combat game. They play in the same zones/maps as the adults and we really make the kids feel like they are playing the adult paintball game in a safer environment.

What about pain and bruising?

With Low Impact Paintball, the power and speed is significantly less and the paintballs are more fragile and a different size to the adult ones. While it is still a contact game, the pain and bruising is minimal and certainly nothing close to the adult game.

Would you ever recommend laser tag over paintball?

Some of the indoor laser tag sites cater for younger ages so this may be an option if your children are not old enough for low impact paintball. Also, if you are worried about the rain you may also look for an indoor venue. Otherwise, for us, it’s paintball all the way.

If you’d like to learn more about kids low impact paintball visit our page here. 


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