Paintball Gift Vouchers

Our Paintball Gift Vouchers are a great present for any occasion. Long lasting (24 months) and easy to use, these vouchers can be purchased and sent directly to the recipient. You can even arrange for them to arrive on any date you state when ordering.

Available in a number of denominations. Voucher prices have been designed to match our adult & teenager paintball packages. They can also be used as discount/payment for a childrens paintball party.

If you can’t find the voucher you’re looking for, you can input a custom value instead. Great for birthdays, festive gifts, rewards, corporate gift cards and indeed any occasion. You can’t go wrong with an RW Paintball Voucher!

You can book into most of our sites with RW Paintball’s vouchers by calling us on 0333 577 6336. If you’d like to know if our vouchers are valid at a particular site please contact us before buying.

Please note: Gift vouchers cannot be processed on site, on game days. They must be processed at booking stage by our office.

Buying Paintball Gift Vouchers

Simply click here or on the voucher image above to be taken to our secure voucher page. There you can chose the voucher value and make your purchase with any debit or credit card. All payments are secure and handled on our card processors website. Vouchers are delivered straight to the recipients email inbox.

When booking with vouchers an attendance deposit may be required. This will be refunded in paint value on the day for attending players. Vouchers will be accepted up to 24 months from date of purchase. Our usual T&C’s reply to any bookings made using gift vouchers. Subject to site availability at time of game booking not voucher purchase.


Been given an RW Paintball Gift card and need to check the value Click here. Please remember an expired gift card (older than 2 years old) may still show a value but will not be valid.