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Low Impact and Gel Blaster booking

Kids Paintball Activities- see prices below then complete your booking form and pay deposits.

Deposits are £75 + £7.50 for any extra players. 

Deposits are non refundable but come off the balance due. 

Hertfordshire & North London

£275 for up to 10 players, any extras just just £27.50pp per player

Bring your own food order pizza

11am or 2pm start times

Dartford/Longfield & Canterbury

£275 for up to 10 players any extras just £27.50 per player

Bring your own food, order at the Burger van (Dartford/Longfield) or order pizza

10am or 1.30pm start times

Wickford Essex

£325 for up to 10 players, extras just £32.50 per player.

This includes food and access to our indoor party room to eat.

9am,11am,1pm start times

Click your location below for avail and booking

You can also call us to discuss availability or hw everything works. Pleae bear in mind that we actually deliver paintball games so can be out on site, especially on weekends.

Kids Paintball Activities from RW Paintball

The last few years have seen an explosion in kids paintball activities. At RW Paintball have we’ve been at the forefront of this and always looking for the perfect game for our younger players. As we actually deliver paintball, and not just book players in, we are perfectly placed to understand what creates a fun time for younger kids on the paintball field. 

Low Impact Paintball

Low impact paintball arrived in the UK in the mid 2010’s. Across our Hertfordshire, Kent, and London locations we were one of the first to introduce the game getting younger children playing. It’s a great game and ideal for kids allowing them to have all the fun without the pain and bruising that comes with 0.68cal paintball.

Available from 8 years olds (we can accept older 7 year olds as part of an 8th birthday) this game is perfect for children of junior or middle school age. Max recommended age is 11/school year 6 although we can push this to 12 years if all the players are the same age.

Special Low impact paintballs and pump action guns are used with all paintballs included.

Set out in a party format, it’s usually a 1.5  hour paintball session broken into individual games. Then 30 mins is allowed on site for food or included within (site dependent)**.

Kids Gel Blaster Paintball for 7-9 year olds

The latest addition to our kids paintball activities and what a game this is! Using lightweight battery powered side arms, players fire tiny gel water beads at each other. It’s great for younger kids as there is no pumping guns to load them. Simply pull a trigger and go. This is a 1 hour activity with 30 minutes at the end for food**. It’s super fast and the kids love running around shooting each other. All ammo is included.


** Food is ordered/supplied by you except at Wickford where it’s included in the package.